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All Up Round Composite Launch Tubes

PEI has designed and fabricated light weight, filament wound, All Up Round, Anti Torpedo Torpedo composite launch tubes for the Navy's Surface Ship Self Defense Program. The composite launch tube is a critical component of the Anti-Torpedo Torpedo All Up Round Equipment.  PEI AURE Composite Canisters are in production and deployed on High Value Ships.

Ready Stow Group Anti Torpedo Torpedo Launchers with Ballistic Protection

PEI has designed and fabricated Ready Stow Group (RSG) Anti Torpedo Torpedo (ATT) Launchers for the Navy Surface Ship Self Defense Program. The RSG is a key component of the Surface Ship Torpedo Defense System and meets Program of Record requirements to provide ballistic protection and Sympathetic Detonation Capabilities to the ATT's. 

MTVR Reconfigurable Modular Composite Trailer

PEI designed, fabricated and tested a prototype lightweight, reconfigurable MTVR Composite Trailer Bed for Marine Corps Systems Command SIAT and PEO Land Systems.  PEI Composite Trailer successfully passed field testing at the Nevada Automotive Test Center near Reno, Nevada. This was a SBIR Phase II Contract for the Marine Corps System Command, PEO Land. PEI also received a Pre-Seed Grant under the Talent and Innovation Initiative, Nebraska Advantage, Department of Economic Development. This grant focused on adding needed key features to the SBIR prototype. 

Dynamic Analysis

PEI performs static FEA, DDAM's and explicit transient dynamic analysis to study the rapid responses against specified shock loads for our products such as; AURE Composite ATT launch tubes, Ready Stow Group Launchers, and MTVR Composite Trailers.

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