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Pacific Engineering, Incorporated (PEI), recipient of the 2014 Tibbets Award,  is a recognized business in product development, materials research science and structural engineering  and analysis. Combined, the team at PEI have over 100 years of combined experience in designing, analyzing and manufacturing complex composite structures.

In addition to our design, analysis and processing capabilities, we also possess core competencies in the areas of tool and equipment design, product qualification, inspection and testing.

PEI has demonstrated the capability to transition SBIR Phase II technology and prototypes to the manufacture of products for commercial and defense markets.  We believe that our personnel’s experience in the development and high rate manufacturing sets us apart from many of our competitors.  Over the last several years, wand production have continually expanded our capabilities in engineering services, prototype fabrication and manufacturer.

Not Just a "Vendor"

We are not just a “composite vendor” – we understand how to join composites and metal, i.e. innovative designs for Metal-To-Composite (MTC) joints and more.

Specializing in Efficiency

We specialize in the design and manufacture of advanced composite structures. Our composite structure designs enable our customers to save weight without compromising performance. We develop composite structures that meet and exceed performance requirements (environmental, fatigue, toughness)

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