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Meet The Team

Osie V.Combs,




O.C. Combs provides leadership to the PEI team in the acceleration and  transition of innovative composite structural technology to the warfighter.

Adm. Combs served 5 years on MIT Board of Directors where he is an alumni with a MSBE and MSME as well as a Certified Naval Architect.

Don Myers

Chief Operating Officer

Don Myers serves Pacific Engineering as the Chief OperatingOfficer. Myers has over 21 years of experience in senior management positions with
range of responsibility for both operations, financial, contract and facilities management. Don holds  a MSCE from Stanford University.

Dale Tiller, P.E., N.S.P.E

Vice President of Engineering

 Mr. Tiller manages PEI engineering staff in all the design and development. He has over 40 years in design and analyze of composite structural components. Dale also holds 6 Patients in pressure vessels designs. Recent projects included the All Up Round Equipment  Composite Canister and the Ready Stow Group Launcher.

Dale holds a MSME from Virginia PolyTechnic.  

Dennis Simmons

Manufactoring Manager

A key member of the PEI team, Mr. Simmons brings over four decades of expertise to managing  composite manufacturing including process development, prototype fabrication, full  rate production  components and developing manufacturing plans for transitioning production efforts.