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our Prototyping


PEI has the capability to fabricate full scale prototypes for product development and testing.


Some of the prototypes designed and built by PEI are:

  • Ready Stow Group Launcher

  • All Up Round Composite Canister

  • Composite Reconfigurable Adaptable MTVR Trailer

Cutting Edge

PEI is dedicated to keeping up with the rapid pace advancements in composite manufacturing techniques. We are a manufacturing partner who our clients can always rely on for excellent services and timely, top-quality production. 

Cost efficient

PEI's goal is to provide our customers with the service and reliability necessary for succeeding in today's rapid technology insertion environment. PEI provides our customers with fast-paced prototyping, pre-production and production components at competitive prices.

Full service

The dedicated composite component manufacturing professionals provide full service product modeling,  sub-assembly, finalized inspection, and packaging services for every custom component or prototype we manufacture.


As small business inclusiveness continues to be a priority for our customers, PEI strives to take hold of the innovation, competition, and agility that small businesses bring to the table.

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