Rapid On Demand Portable Medical Platforms

When COVID-19 began to impact the U.S., our community and our employees, PEI began to
consider what we could do to help combat this pandemic,” stated Osie V. Combs Jr., PEI President, “Normally, our capabilities are utilized to support the U.S. Warfighter and help them take the fight to our foreign enemies. In this case, we are utilizing our advanced composites know-how to help fight a war on our soil, a more personal battle to protect our own
families and communities.


The Rapid On Demand Portable Medical Platform  product line utilizes the PEI's latest technology in toughened resins, high strength materials and design. PEI is dedicated to fielding a product that ramps up our nation’s testing and vaccine distribution capabilities, and equally important, a system that also protects our incredible Health Care Workers.

PEI has produced and delivered our first Rapid On Demand Portable Medical Platform. PEI  has re-purposed our production areas and scaled-up manufacturing capability for the medical Platforms. Contact us at 626-379-2282.

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